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Water TrailerOne Clarion Water Trailers
These are our premium trailers, featuring a 5 year trailer warranty and a 3 year non-prorated tank warranty, covering 100% of the tank. Built to haul heavy liquids, our trailers are equipped with heavy duty suspension, larger wheel bearings, heavier cast hubs, high-speed cambered axels, and highway rated tires. The frame has been designed for high-strength and active use that avoids cutting the channel iron, creating a stronger frame base. For extra strength, we reinforce the outer edge of the trailer as well. They are available in your choice of DOT or non-DOT trailers, and can be customized.

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We carry a complete selection of water trailers, allowing you to pick precisely the size and features you need. Call us for help – we’re here to serve you! 863-261-8388

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