Streetscaping: Landscaping and Road Improvements

Streetscape Improvements

Streetscaping positively affects cities and counties in a number of ways. Improved roadways, sidewalks, and bike lanes help safely accommodate all modes of transportation, while also increasing economic activity in the area. Implementing proper stormwater protocols during the improvements helps cities stay in compliance of local and state regulations, as well as improving community water quality. The beautification of medians, sidewalks, and other natural streetscape design features increases community happiness and property values. Some streetscape improvements even incorporate existing environmental features, such as creeks, lakes, and trees, improving the local ecosystem and the area's sustainability.

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Road Improvements

Street ConstructionThe construction of roadways and sidewalks is part of implementing streetscape improvements. Upgraded areas often show smoother vehicle flows and increased pedestrian traffic which can lead to revitalized shopping hubs and economic improvement. The Transport Infrastructure department is heavily involved in street construction, ensuring proper compliance and keeping the city safe.

Sediment Control products offer different uses during the road construction portion of streetscaping. To stabilize bike lanes and other road improvements, geotextiles make an excellent addition between layers. Coir mats keep soil in place during the construction process, blocking erosion, meeting regulations, and preventing the city from incurring fines. Additionally, water trailers can work toward dust suppression, keeping dirt tamped down and out of the atmosphere during street construction.

Stormwater Filtration

In many cities today, an important aspect of implementing street planning and streetscape improvements is stormwater drainage and filtration. Without proper installations, trash and dirt are swept into the system, clogging and contaminating it. These problems cause immediate consequences with water build up on the streets and sidewalks, making the area unsafe for motorists and pedestrians. Long term ramifications include a drop in water quality in the community and quicker degradation of any improvements.

Undergrate Storm Drain Filter Clarion Municipal provides filters for street drains and grates. Initially, they can be used during streetscaping to prevent debris and construction material from entering the MS4. After street construction has finished, our Storm Drain Filters work to maintain the system, continually keeping the worst of the contaminants controlled. Most are streetsweeper safe, so they are convenient during street cleaning and require little maintenance.


When the roads are finished and the stormwater drains installed, it is time for the landscaping part of the streetscape design. Trees, bushes, and grasses placed in aesthetically pleasing arrangements increase property values, prevent erosion, and help the local ecosystem remain stable. Some streetscapes even incorporate small parks or play areas to act as community gathering hubs.

Coir mats and Straw Products also work well in landscaping purposes during streetscaping, stabilizing the soil against erosion and giving plants time to grow. Maintaining and watering the street planning landscapes is easy with Liquid Storage water trailers that are able to disperse water and fertilizers as they move down the street. Water trailers may be deployed by the Parks and Recreation department, since they use them for similar purposes.

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  • Problem: Unattractive, Inefficient City Streets
  • Solutions: Streetscaping, Road Improvements, Stormwater Filtration, Landscaping
  • Results: Easier navigation, less debris and flooding, beautiful streets, and positive first impression
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